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Oleos & Canvas

Sin título, de la serie Puntos de vista.

Yasiel Alvarez Borges, Painting, Figurative, Oil on canvas, width 65cm height 100cm, 2015

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"Untitled, from the series of Points of Views" by the Cuban artist Yasiel Alvarez Borges.

"The thirst for knowledge motivates me every day and from my personal experience, I propose a vision of what I understand is happening. Somehow I appropriate surrealism as a formal reference, using it as a pretext to discuss issues related to the behavior of man in our society. Therefore I am interested in addressing social issues and within this, making reference to concerns and the uncertainty that characterizes the individual as a thinking being."

"I am driven by the thirst of knowledge, and our ever changing society. This is why my works serve as a dialogue with time itself, and the experience that is acquired or future one" says Borges on his interview with Oleos & Canvas.