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Oleos & Canvas

De Paris un Caballero

Eduardo de la Cruz Guerra, Painting, Portrait, Oil on canvas, width 55cm height 75cm, 2019.0

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"From Paris a Gentleman" by Eduardo de la Cruz Guerra is a portrait made of oil on canvas. 

This work was made in memory of a illustrious gentleman from Paris, and one of the great figures of our Old Havana. 

The theme of black and race has been explored in the Cuban plastic arts since the 1700s, and either way in terms of race, racism, and humanity, previously ignored throughout history, penetrate the global social and artistic discourse of the Cuban nation. Even thought, in this case, I do not propose the deconstruction of the current situation of the "races" in the island, and the politics which the unequal social and symbolic injustices have clashed. The vision of my work, is a demonstration, less symbolic and less representative of a self phenomenon of the gratitude to my work, it is the strength of expression of the Afro-Cuban culture, and giving the world of all it's history.