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Oleos & Canvas


Original Dimensions: width 150cm height 150cm

Print Dimensions: Avaliable upon request

Juan Brouwer, Painting, Abstract, Acrylic on canvas, 2020

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"Cachumbambe" by Juan Brouwer is an abstract painting made of acrylic on canvas. 

From a traditional children's song "Cachumbambe" it has the meaning of life's ups and down this painting brings out the more abstract side of Juan Brouwer paintings. Of mellow yellow tones and clearly corroded wooden style that he is known for "Cachumbambe" gives a reminder to the people that while things may look bad, they will be better in the future. 

Juan Brouwer is a Cuban artist who has dedicated his entire career to the work of abstract art. While studying the greats, he has managed to himself come up with a unique relevant art style that both compliments those who came before him and stands out from the rest of the crowd. An expert of the grandiose and large abstract paintings, and an explorer in the world of NFT's and digital art, Juan Brouwer represents that art can truly flourish no matter one's economical situation.