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Alas para Calmar mis Dudas

Liliana Cortina Rosabal, Painting, Expressionism, Oil on canvas, width 85cm height 115cm, 2019.0

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"Wings to Calm my Doubts" by Liliana Cortina Rosabal is an oil on canvas painting that exemplifies the Expressionist theme. 

In these nudes, simple and natural, on rather flat backgrounds and under sober environments, the creator describes the sexual, fantastic and perverted, but without morbid hints, erotic provocations or obscene sensuality. Liliana describes that “my purpose is to reflect the deepest part of the human being without adornments, or clothes, their true essences, their internal labyrinths and their relationship with the world

Rosabal works exemplify a complex understanding over the subject that she represents within her paintings. Mostly done in nudes and pastel colors as the backgrounds, it strips the painting of things that draw your vision to it and force the viewer to focus on the whole piece. Their experience over the world and acclaim for critics give her a spot in Oleos & Canvas as one of our front runner painters.