Oleos & Canvas Guarantee:

The Oleos & Canvas Guarantee: 

All of our artwork is of unique origin or limited edition prints, and so if the work is as described, determined not to your liking, does not arrive, or arrives damaged, we will work with you to find the best resolution. This includes getting your money back, another artwork, or a suitable resolution between both parties. In some instances, a partial refund, restoration, or exchange may be the best resolution. Oleos & Canvas's Guarantee covers all of our transactions regardless of amount. 

To receive Oleos & Canvas protections, you must: 

  • Complete your entire transaction, including all communications, through one of Oleos & Canvas secure checkout methods or in-person events. 
  • Report the issue to Oleos & Canvas within our standard reporting window:
    • Items not as described must be reported within 7 days of delivery
    • Items not received must be reported within 14 days of the latest expected delivery date 
  • Provide any requested photographic evidence of the issue (including the artwork and the original packaging). 
  • Keep all the internal and external packaging in case needed for the reporting of a claim. 

Resolution for items Not as Described or Lost/Damaged in Shipping:

Oleos & Canvas will make a determination whether your item is significantly not as described. A difference of description must meaningfully impact the value or nature or the item. All dimensions are approximate and rounded for your convenience.

What's covered:

  • A work arrives without a described feature (e.g., artist’s signature)
  • Some artwork details in the listing are meaningfully incorrect
  • A work arrives with damage that wasn’t described or photographed in the listing
  • A work is declared lost or damaged in shipment by the shipping company

What's not covered: 

  • A work has slightly different coloring depending on lighting
  • Details that are artistic or incidental to the making of the work, but may not be evident in artwork images (e.g. brush hairs left behind on artwork)
  • Slight differences in dimensions
  • The shipping company is delayed
  • Unpaid customs and duties or other charges that are the responsibility of the buyer
  • Issues with artworks not listed on your order confirmation