Collection: Leonel Cobo Imas

Born in Güines, Mayabeque Cuba, Leonel Cobo Imas ever since he was a child loved to draw and paint. Born in the wilderness and surrounded by tropical forest and the Cuban countryside, he felt the marvel and magic that came from the Cuban landscapes and thus decided to dedicate himself to depict them in painting. During his study at the school of San Alejandro he tried many disciplines such as drawing, ceramics, lithography, but in truth he always kept being drawn back to painting. This is where he found his spiritual refuge and could recreate the infinite universe of his mystic imagionation that later he would experiment to develop his own style. Inspired by many influences such as the master Tomás Sánchez in the form of depicting dynamic cinematgrophy of landscapes, and he also absorbed the surrealist forms of Salvador Dalí y René Magrite all full of nutrients that gave him his personal style of surrealist landscapes that he prides himself on. 

For more information refer to his Curriculum Vitae