Journey to the Island

Journey to the Island

You are cordially invited to come celebrate the rebirth of an artistic journey into my mystical land of Cuba.


A family passion spanning 3 generations Oleos & Canvas was founded in 2006. Today we represents a way to help across borders the incredibly talented artists living in our homeland of Cuba.

Events of 2019 decimated Cuba and citizens are still affect to this day. A lack of tourism, combined with hyper-inflation and an economic embargo created a perfect storm to test the resilience of our people. Access to the internet and basic resources such as paint and canvases remain extremely limited for Cuban creators. My mission is to connect them with the Canadian market.

 I took the baton handed to me by family to showcase these incredible Cuban artists along a new route to international fine art collectors. Now in summer 2022, Oleos & Canvas is reborn in Canada. With a focus to promote fine Cuban Art globally, we bring you “Journey to the Island” exposition to share our passion for our art and our culture.

The paintings displayed in this collective exposition exemplify the artists daily struggle to express and create. Behind each magical piece is the story of a unique artist; their hopes, their dreams, their fears, and above all their talent to bring beauty into the world.

Inspired by Magical Realism, this is the story of artists who make magic a reality through Oleos & Canvas. For the full catalog of paintings featured please click here

On July 28th, begin your journey to the island where anything is possible. 

Marcos Mena Cruz Gallery Manager


PS: There will be complimentary food and beverage provided at the event.

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Luis Enrique Soca