The dissonances of Adrián Socorro

The dissonances of Adrián Socorro

The expression of opposing entities that constantly fight each other, but in doing so constitute the unity of opposites characterizes Disonancias, the most recent exhibition hosted by the Center for the Development of Visual Arts, as part of experience 2 of the Fourteenth Havana Biennial.

30 Cuban creators representing various manifestations of the visual arts participate in the exhibition, with the intention of reflecting the chaos of our contexts and opening new horizons towards knowledge about the world we inhabit.

Adrián Socorro, a member of our Oil & Canvas project, obtained a space in this important exhibition, where he took the opportunity to show several pieces from the Sororidad series.

They are a tribute to the feminine, to the resilience that women have, at the same time it is a call to unity among them, to fight for a common good and support those who are in disadvantaged areas "Sorority is my way of thanking women and telling them I'm with you, I support you”, expresses the artist.

“Disonancias was a very pleasant experience because it allowed me to be on the official list at the Havana Biennial, the most important event for plastic arts in Cuba, it also allowed me to learn from what my contemporaries are doing, to know what the topics are of creation right now”, he explains.

The exhibition tries to understand the context through an exploration of reality. The project assumes a dialectical law that thanks to curatorial work, offers a well-achieved synthesis between chaos and balance. Dissonances offer an investigation around the contexts in which we develop and a review of the different knowledge of the culture that demonstrates how the path to the future begins with the awareness of the present reality.

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