"Surcos (Furrows) in Mallo's brush"

"Surcos (Furrows) in Mallo's brush"

The show Surcos (Furrows) by the young plastic artist Mario González Rodríguez (Mallo) was inaugurated at the 23 and 12 Art Gallery in Havana, the Cuban capital. The curatorship was in charge of Amanda Font and Meira Marrero and the editing by Carlos Montané.

This project came to light, thanks to the National Council of Plastic Arts, the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets and the Collage Habana Gallery.

In the 13 exhibited pieces, 12 on canvas and one on wood, Mallo addresses an abstract expressionist style and the Field color of the 50s in New York and the Cuban movement of that decade. It is a series composed of linear pieces, entirely horizontal lines of smooth colors alluding to the furrow, to repetition with a correlation with life, to the cyclical process taken to the person of the individual. The lines are like stumbling blocks, obstacles that must be overcome.
In his pieces he allows us to discover a certain depth and perspective in the abstract landscapes where he draws maps of his feelings, of what is seen around him in these times.

The artist expresses that he was working for more than a year, which he made 3 or 4 works and left them and then continued, looking for a repetitive elements such as the line or the strip of color and that is how Surcos arises.

The Collage Habana Gallery has opened its doors to him, where he has participated, together with 9 Cuban artists who work with painting in different ways, in an exhibition entitled "Arroz con Mango" with great public success.

In December 2022, one of his works participates in an auction where more than 45 thousand dollars were raised, which were donated to the province of Pinar del Río to restore the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

His work, along with that of renowned artists, were also exhibited at an Expoventa held at the Hotel Palco with great acceptance from the visiting public.
He participates in his art in the auction organized by Galería Collage Habana and Galería Arte 10/10 of the Federal District of Mexico, where the works of 50 renowned contemporary Cuban painters are auctioned.

There are several projects on which the painter is working at the moment. One of them was destined for Mexico and the other for Europe. He is also among the 24 artists who are in Musecole Habana, an educational project organized by the French Embassy in Cuba to give Conferences and Workshops on the arts.

By Rita Cecilia Estevez Cortes

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