Juan Brouwer in Christmas Expo-Sale

Juan Brouwer in Christmas Expo-Sale

What better treat for loved ones than giving art at this time of year. With this premise, Riera Studio convened December 25 a great Christmas expo-sale where creators of the most diverse artistic expressions gathered at its headquarters.

Among the artists who collaborate in the event is Juan Brouwer, the creator who works with our Oleos & Canvas project, a space that has received his latest artistic works which are aimed at digital art and NFTs.

A part of the proceeds from this Art Fair will be used for the development of artistic creation workshops for people with mental and intellectual disabilities and thus help their insertion into society.

Juan Brouwer confesses that before the invitation he answered affirmatively because he considers that art should not only be accessible to certain spheres of society “art heals, helps us to trust ourselves, to strengthen ties of friendship and to create new ones. When you buy a work of art, no matter how small it is, you are taking part of the artist and that is invaluable ”, explains Brouwer.

“It doesn't matter if he can't buy it - he adds - just by spending a little time admiring it and feeling it as his own, as an artist I feel fulfilled. This fair is more than a space for sale, it is an experience to keep in the memory ”, he concludes.

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