Eduardo de la Cruz and his condemned of the earth

Eduardo de la Cruz and his condemned of the earth

A few months ago, Eduardo de la Cruz Guerra amazed everyone with an exhibition where the subject of slavery was once again the protagonist as he had accustomed us, but this time in a much more experimental, scathing way and with a strong content of denouncing racism. 

The Wretched of the Earth - name that this exhibition took - was a success, however many faces, images, ideas, accusations and confessions remained on the easel. De la Cruz continued his creative work "visualizing a face always leads us to intimacy -he confesses- expressions that exalt and codify coexist in them", and as a result he brought us the second part of The Wretched of the Earth.
In this second edition, the artist gives us faces with expressive and weakening traces of a load of existences in which the representations of form and time weigh more, with a perspective that he continues to invite deep reflection and immediate action.

In the words of the critic Luis Ernesto Arduy, The Wretched of the Earth, are similar faces that are integrated, contours accentuated with everyday rhetoric and with expressions that reveal sensations and calm emotions because the Wretched of the Earth embraces the present from the past.

By: Naimy Herrera

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