Edgar Gonzalez at the Havana Biennial

Edgar Gonzalez at the Havana Biennial

The Fourteenth Biennial of Havana arrives for the second time in the central province of Cienfuegos to assault, with the magic of visual arts, the public spaces of the city. In this edition, the largest festival of contemporary art in Cuba brings together 15 consecrated local plastic artists in the Pearl of the South, who come together in the Ramification exhibition exhibited throughout the area of ​​the historic center of this heritage city.

Among the artists invited to such an important exhibition is Edgar González Era, a member of our Oil and Canvas project, noted for linking abstract art with psychology.

The main theme of the exhibition was recycling and the possibility that exists through ingenuity and work to give second chances to the objects that accompany us in everyday life.

“Each author had to abandon their comfort zones –explains Edgar González- in order to embark on a journey full of remnants, recyclable objects, equipment leftovers, utensils, fabrics, cardboard, natural components, brass, everything that allows us to invigorate the outlined mega-objective; create a metaphor of the possibility, of the hope that we urge in the midst of this pandemic crisis.”
Our artist chose a light lamp as the main object to develop his work and after more than 10 days of continuous work, Points of Lights was born, a piece that today is found at the entrance of the most important cultural space in Cienfuegos: the Tomás Terry theater. 

In the author's voice, Punto de Luces is an invitation to reflection. “I encourage you to focus on your dreams despite how seemingly unattainable it may seem, based on a disused lamp that I use as a code to locate it on top of majestic architecture, intentionally lost in space, almost unnoticed, but it is there in our orbit, like our projects, above our thoughts. It is only to observe it from below and that each spectator is able to see their own points of light in the distance.”

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