Cuban footprint in La Mancha exhibition in Spain

With the suggestive title of "La Mancha" and the participation of artists from five countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Romania, Spain and Cuba, a group exhibition of the ArtUpstairs project was presented in Spain, which can be visited from October 2 to 30.

For the Greater Antilles, Lázaro Yovany Enríquez participates with a work belonging to a series of drawings in the technique of Chinese ink and walnut. In the words of Enríquez, this piece recreates "a dark medieval period of human relationships, incorporating mythical beings in collective meetings."

Lázaro Yovany Enríquez's work includes techniques such as drawing, painting, engraving, photography or performance. He often tackles themes that emanate from introspection and the post-romantic trend. Graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro" in Havana, Yovany Enríquez has twelve personal exhibitions and more than twenty group exhibitions. In addition, he has worked as a teacher in art teaching, particularly in the training of art instructors.

Also representing the Caribbean island is Adrián Socorro from Matanzas, who on this occasion presents a canvas worked with acrylic. In his Facebook profile, Socorro referred to his experience with ArtUpstairs and thanked him for his bond with the young project and the bonds of brotherhood between a group of artists of various nationalities, united thanks to their love for the art. 

In his professional career, Adrián Socorro has more than twenty personal exhibitions in Cuban cities such as Havana, Matanzas or Holguín. Likewise, the artist has exhibited his work in New York, United States, with the collection entitled "Sounds of the Bay" in 2017. Socorro has almost the same number of group shows and has been recognized with awards such as the Genesis Prize or the Hermanos Saíz Association Award at the National Visual Arts Event (2015).

The collective exhibition "La Mancha" has an eclectic essence and a mixture that invites us to observe what is happening from a more individual and less realistic perspective. The show opens the ArtUpstairs Exhibition Hall at Casa Castilla la Mancha, located in Madrid.

"La Mancha" arises after the cultural exchange between the ArtUpstairs group and the Casona Sur Art Gallery with the Small Format Encounter "La Tetra", with the aim of promoting the work of visual artists from Cuba and other parts of the world.

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