Collective exhibition Broselianda Forever.

Collective exhibition Broselianda Forever.

This November 19, a year after the physical departure of the extraordinary Cuban actress Broselianda Hernández, Arte Libre presents the group exhibition Brose Forever at the North Miami Beach Library.

The tribute to the artist comes as an initiative of her closest family and friends, who proposed to more than 40 artists to immortalize, from the visual arts, the inexhaustible inner world of the interpreter. Among the guests at the exhibition are three artists from our Oleos and Canvas project: Adrián Socorro, Zaida del Río and Reinier Cabrera, each one from their very personal style glorifying an aspect of the artist's life and work.

Adrián Socorro with "Portrait of Broselianda" decided on a more intimate image. Inspired by a family photograph, he places in the foreground the unique and contagious laugh of Brose, as he was called by those closest to her.

"Memory" is the proposal of Zaida del Río who considered representing the spirit of the different characters interpreted throughout her professional career. "That's how I see her - she confesses - surrounded by the characters that she embodied and who continue to crown her excellent work with grace and perfection."

A happy welcome to perpetuity is "Eternal Life for You" by Reinier Cabrera, where the artist shows that despite how contradictory it can be; death is part of life and there is no condition for leaving the earthly world.

Broselianda Hernández conquered us, tied us up, made us her in each of her acts of total dedication. On November 19 from North Miami Beach family, friends and admirers will perpetuate the memory of her because the goodbye is still pending.

By Maimy Herrera, November 2021

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